Sunday, August 30, 2009

~ A Peek at some New Booth Pics ... All Junked Out!~

Here is a sneak peek of the Booth re-do over at The Sleepy Poet today..... More pics to be posted this week over on my Artsy Fartsy Junk Finds blog... so make sure to be a follower so you can check them out when they are up and running.....It seems like the only practice I get for my photography these days is Booth Pics!! So if anyone out there is looking for a good staging photographer for magazines or storefronts send me over an email!!! I would be thrilled! So back to the Junk, scroll down and follow along!!

The Pendant of the week, "Sometimes She Shopped at Gargage Sales", this was Sue's favorite, the Junk Market Style Magazine Queen.... she picked up one of these from my booth this week at The Sleepy Poet when she was in Charlotte. Make sure to check out their blog for some cool pics of their Charlotte JUNK trip!! I was estatic at their visit to the booth. Now back to the JUNK Jewels. One possibly two left, Also the Vintage Peace with Key pendant, Garage sale Pendant $26.95, Vintage Peace $21.95, Both on a Rustic Link Silver chain. $3.50 to ship. Email me for availability. I always Love PAYPAL but gladly accept money orders or personal checks for it all!! I will ship almost anywhere!!

Look at this Jewel... One of my Junk Jewels I made up this week, scroll to next pic for details!!

Tree of Life Pendant, Awesome Rustic Silver Crown Pendant w/ Vintage Key, Both $22.95 each plus $3.50 shipping.
Gorgeous Knowledge inscribed on the backside of the Tree of Life Beauty...

Old Crusty Rusty Baskets and Old Metal #'s just pull at the Junkers heart everytime!!

Old Farm Tables and more of those Rusty Baskets and Tins of all shapes forms and sizes!

This was my favorite little Makover..... Memories.... Old Chippy Wood Silver holder! Of course in the BEST Chippy Turquoise color ever!! $18.95.

Well.... Holy Moley, what an excitement filled weekend...... It has been non stop Junking the entire time... and I would not have had it any other way!!! Thanks for the visit, come back soon!! Hugs and Blessings for a Beautiful week!! Janna

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