Friday, July 3, 2009

~My finished Junk Jewels, Ready to Go!~

I just wanted to pop a few pics in a blog to show my Vintage Junk Pendants completed with their Cords and Chains. I have had several requests to see them in completion so here they are!! Thanks for all the emails on your interests!! I have also added a bunch of cool junk over on my other blog that I picked up on my junkin trip this morning, be sure to hop over and check that out too... Artsy Fartsy Finds !! ~#116 Key, SOLD~ Deputy Badge, SOLD~

I love the metal link chains, they really give the Junk Jewels a different look! ~Butterfly Pendant, SOLD~
Lucky #8, NSEW, Vintage Key and Lock, Lets wish upon a Star...
Wish Upon a Star.....
Thanks for stopping in to see my Junk Jewels!! Have a great 4th! Blessings, Janna


  1. cool website and stuff. Background rocks!!!!

  2. Thanks for coming by and signing up to follow.

    I had not visited your 'shop' site before. Your jewelry is really nice. Uniquely differnt.
    (that's a good thing)

    I'm going over to check out your blog now.
    Barbara Jean